Friday 10.07.2020

TALK TALK /communication technology


New media and technology education in Norway

This app is used to collect email from visitors.

Then we send out updated information to the schools audience.

Features automatic generated wordcloud (Norwegian: PS. Denne tjenesten er på engelsk og leverer derfor ikke de særnorske bokstavene æ,ø og å.)

Open the service (webapp)

Digital communication services.

In a time with digital change, the entertainment industry change how us communicate both with each other, but also how technology interact with how we spend our time off.

We try to stay ahead and serve you with smart solutions on how to comunicate with your audience. If you have a new idea, or justwant to test a new method, we will NOT tell. We will NOT talk about it before YOU are ready to go! Chatbots, Virtual assistents and artificial intelligens... that inforsm, grabs information and delivers communication services.